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Publishing partnerships with research funders

F1000 offer publishing solutions tailored for research funders across the world, in every field of study. We partner with funders seeking an innovative approach to research publication for their grantees, delivering solutions which maximize the use, re-use, and potential impact of their research. Discover a range of unique partnership options designed to help you reach your open research goals today.

Partner with us

We provide dedicated publishing hubs for funding agencies, research programs, consortia, and more.
Our unique publishing solutions seamlessly connect detailed grant and funding information with related research outputs, making it easier for you to identify and track the research you’re funding.
Our range of bespoke and ready-made publishing solutions for funders welcome all types of original research, including confirmatory and negative results, and null studies. By offering a wide range of peer reviewed research article types, we enable publication at every stage of the research life cycle.

  • Provide rapid access to all research outputs
  • Reduce research waste
  • Support the careers of your funded researchers
  • Deliver real return on investment from research
  • Champion open research principles

Why partner with F1000?

At F1000, we know what funders and their researchers need. We partner with you to provide a publishing solution that will help you achieve greater impact from your research projects.

Our publishing solutions also:


Support the research journey, ensuring discoverability and improving academic rigor and reproducibility

We publish an ever expanding range of peer reviewed article types as well as important research outputs that we don’t peer review, such as policy documents, technical reports, and posters.


Provide article-based indicators of use, engagement, and influence

We include a broad range of article-based metrics such as citations, views, downloads, shares, and media mentions.


Showcase all the important contributions to research

Our diversity of publication formats means that individuals in all research roles and at all career stages can get credit for their work, and tell the full story of their research.


Foster trust and confidence in research

Discover a post-publication, fully open peer review model which puts transparency and reproducibility at the center. This model also ensures we comply with funder open access mandates, including PLAN S.


Accelerate discovery and the generation of new knowledge for others to use

Articles are published in as few as 14 days after submission, so that research can be built upon even faster.


Support research evaluation and impact reporting    

We capture comprehensive grant funding information, alongside extensive article information, to facilitate funding links and attribution.

Since launching the F1000Research open publishing platform in 2013, the experts at F1000 have continued to innovate, working closely with funders and researchers around the world to help bring their publishing needs to life. Our mission is to foster a culture of innovation to accelerate the reach of knowledge and put it in the hands of those who will shape the future.

Our products

You can read more about some of the core products we already offer by exploring the links to information on F1000 Gateways and Platforms below.

We understand that each organization is different, so we can work with you to create a partnership package that suits your needs.

We are always looking for new ways to build partnerships, so if you’re interested in exploring more options, don’t hesitate to reach out and we can discuss a bespoke solution.


Gateways on F1000Research, our own platform, offer a branded hub for your funded research.


Platforms provide you with your own publication website, powered by F1000’s infrastructure and editorial services.

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A selection of our current funder partners

Wellcome Open Research enables Wellcome-funded researchers to publish all their research outputs quickly, openly and transparently and in ways which support reproducibility.

Prof Sir Mike Ferguson CBE FRS FRSE FMed
Prior Governor on the Board of The Wellcome Trust

Medical research charities fund high-quality research to save and improve lives. AMRC Open Research is designed to ensure all research results can be shared rapidly and widely, helping to minimize duplication and waste and maximize the potential for real world impact for patients.

Nicola Perrin, AMRC CEO


Why F1000?

Reproducibility, accountability, and editorial rigor are the heart of what we do. Read more →


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The F1000 model combines the speed of a preprint server, the rigor of peer review, and the transparency of open research. Read more →


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