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Open Plus Books is a new concept in book publishing created by F1000 & Taylor and Francis.

Fusing F1000’s open research technology and publishing process with the traditional books model, Open Plus Books reimagine open access book publishing for the 21st century researcher.

How do Open Plus Books work?

With Open Plus Books, authors can publish book chapters openly on an F1000 Platform within just a few days of submission. Chapters are published as standalone pieces, which can be updated, revised, and amended by the author at any time.

Open Plus Books are commissioned by Routledge or CRC Press editors in the usual way, with book proposals receiving both in-house and peer assessment prior to contract. Chapters have the same benefits and transparency as research articles published on the Platform – including rapid publication and open data. Authors can also choose for their chapters to undergo invited, transparent, post-publication peer review on the Platform by selecting the Open Plus Books+ option.

When all chapters have been published on the Platform and the author has completed any updates, the book will be published in its entirety in both print and open access ebook under the ROUTLEDGE OR CRC PRESS IMPRINTS at Taylor & Francis.

Open Plus Books can be published alongside other research outputs on the Platform, providing a unique opportunity to publish different research outputs on one, inter-disciplinary venue.

Open Plus Books is book publishing at its most flexible, so please do contact us to discuss your project.

Want to learn more?

Visit the Routledge site for full details of this new book concept, including:

  • What is an Open Plus Book?
  • Features and benefits
  • Frequently asked questions
  • How to contact the Open Plus Books team

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