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F1000 has created Open Thinking as a place and program where open research communities can come together to discuss the opportunities to seize, as well as challenges to overcome, to truly embrace open research.

Holistic approaches to open science and publishing infrastructures: Case studies from Carnegie Mellon University and F1000

November 15, 2022

In the last decade, the scholarly communication ecosystem has evolved at an unprecedented pace. This is especially evident in the scholarly community’s movement towards openness, a cultural shift that was accelerated exponentially by the pandemic. An increasing number of policies and guidelines, like the recent OSTP announcement, are now promoting open science publishing through collaboration, availability, and transparency in all spheres—from data to code to publications.   Against this back...

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Research Assessment – let’s talk synergies and let’s walk collaboration  

November 11, 2022

Next year F1000 celebrates its 10th anniversary. I have been with this pioneering open research publisher since its inception and the model of publication that we developed was deemed as revolutionary and radical at the time. Our proposition of pre-review publication with associated underlying data, followed by open, transparent peer review focuses on accelerating social impact, improving integrity, and reducing bias in the process. In addition, the model enables the recognition of a much broade...

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Open research management for biodiversity and climate science in Indonesia

October 27, 2022

In 2019, a group of 267 young Indonesian scientists and 50 members of the Indonesian Young Academy of Sciences (ALMI) published a book entitled SAINS UNTUK BIODIVERSITAS INDONESIA, essentially a consensus report on the biodiversity of Indonesia. The book has invited a call for scientists of the younger generation to always stand and base their thoughts on science. The transformation from a resource-based economy to a knowledge-based economy in Indonesia, and many places around the world now, has...

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Publisher’s Picks: Open Access Week 2022 

October 25, 2022

International Open Access Week brings communities together to make openness the default for research and to ensure that equity is at the center of this work. At F1000, we believe that innovation and openness are essential to putting research into the hands of those that will shape the future. Therefore, we make research findings rapidly accessible so that knowledge can be used and reused with real-world impact.  This year’s Open Access Week theme is ‘Open For Climate Justice’. This is to...

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