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F1000 Research Ltd
240 Blackfriars Rd


General enquiries
Email: [email protected] to contact us with questions about F1000 or the website.

Editorial enquiries
Email: [email protected]

Enquiries about collaborations
Email: [email protected]

Payment enquiries
Email: [email protected]

Press enquiries *
Email: [email protected]

Production enquiries
Email: [email protected]

* For the media: The relevant venue of publication should be cited as the source of any article with a link to the article. Please avoid covering articles until they have passed the open peer review process.

Our global business development contacts


Roscoe Concer:

[email protected]

Americas (North)

Joseph Lerro:

[email protected]

Americas (South)

Jorge D. PĂ©rez Rivera:

[email protected]


Darren Viollet:

[email protected]


Yongdong Li:

[email protected]

Europe, Middle East, and North Africa

[email protected]


Tomoko Yamanojo-Childress:

[email protected]

South Korea

Michelle Park:

[email protected]

India and South Asia

Pankaj Bhardwaj:

[email protected]

Sourabh Maheshwari:

[email protected]

South East Asia

Lee Pui Lee:

[email protected]

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