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What role can you play in advancing open research? Explore the F1000 blog to uncover how to navigate the ever-changing publishing landscape and support researchers to adopt open practices.

Research Institutions
8th Mar 2023

How confident do Research Managers and Administrators (RMAs) feel when talking to researchers about open data? According to F1000 polling at the latest European Association of Research Managers and Administrators…

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14th Feb 2023

All Platforms powered by F1000 have a progressive open data policy to ensure all published research adheres to the highest standards of research integrity. Our Editorial team performs open data checks…

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10th Feb 2023

Discover 3 simple ways in this blog post. The role of librarians in the open research landscape is changing, partly because of the increase of policies encouraging open research practices.…

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16th Dec 2022

Before we down tools and take a much-needed break over the upcoming holiday period, I just wanted to pause for a moment to take a look back on all that…

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28th Nov 2022

F1000’s Senior Editorial Operations & Peer Review Manager, Eleanor-Rose Papas, recently presented at the 3rd Peer Review Symposium for Academic Exchanges for the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) which explored…

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8th Nov 2022

All Platforms powered by F1000 run a series of pre-publication checks to ensure submitted research meets our quality and ethical standards. These checks are integral to the F1000 publishing model,…

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Our webinars for researchers offer practical guidance for putting open research principles into practice.

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